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Our team of dedicated and talented staff members can create you a unique, one-of-a-kind, design. We will work with you from concept to taking it live, you can feel confident with the results achieved.

Design Work That Attracts!


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At Tierra Hosting we want to help you in creating a one-of-a-kind website that you and your visitors will enjoy visiting. We provide in-house design work tailored to your specifications and needs. There is nothing that bothers us more than to see a thousand sites with the exact same design! Contact a Sales Associate for more information on our web design services.

Below are examples of design work we have completed.

Project Name: Compass

Compass is a unique design that uses no tables, it is made completely of divisions. It is valid XHTML and is cross browser compliant. That basically means it will display to all your site visitors exactly the same way it looks to you.

To see a live version, click here.

Project Name: Vacation

Vacation was a design created to take advantage of animated images. It has an attention grabbing rotating image that catches the viewer's eyes. This design can easily be modified and is a very professional presence.

To see a live version, click here.

Project Name: Blue Pond

Blue Pond is a very sleek and visually appealing site. It comes with a unique news scroller in integrated into a sidebar.

To see a live version, click here.

Project Name: Global Sites

Global Sites is an example of a template site. The overall site was originally created as an image and then sliced up, coded and the final product is 100% XHTML compliant. This is something we have done for several clients, including our own website!

To see a live version, click here.

Project Name: Kenneth Cain Garage

Kenneth Cain Garage was designed for another friend of Tierra Hosting. They wanted something easy to maintain, yet would produce the public image they were wanting to portray.

To see a live version, click here.

Project Name: Elite Properties of Louisiana

Elite Properties of Louisiana was designed for a real estate agency located in Houma, Louisiana. The dark background is complimented by the warm browns and soft gold touches creating a professional look they desired.

To see a live version, click here.